First Announcement

First Announcement


The 2023 EUMASS Congress will be organising by association UFMASS and ASMA asbl, the French and Belgian associations for insurance medicine. The joint Organizing Committee would like to invite you to attend the 24th EUMASS Congress in Strasbourg, France scheduled at the end of September 2023. The definitive congress days (from Thursday morning to Saturday morning) will be communicated as soon as possible. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated ongoing changes in insurance medicine practices. The Scientific Commission and the Organizing Committee wanted to capture this in the overall theme of the congress :

Insurance medicine 2.0 in a changing world

The Congress will be an excellent opportunity to reflect on this, to share the latest scientific knowledge and good practice in insurance medicine.

Main topics

In addition to the traditional themes for our congresses, the definitive program will also include more actual themes.

Traditional themes as :

  • Sick leave 

Certification, guidelines, measurement, presenteeism; quality assurance

  • Rehabilitation and return-to-work

Methods, patient’s perspective; quality assurance, employer’s role • Work capacity evaluation and management  Guidelines, EB-insurance medicine, quality assurance

  • Training in insurance medicine

Current curricula; Insurance medicine in undergraduate and postgraduate medicine, and in continuous medical education; Defining learning objectives, theoretical knowledge, practical skills and evaluation

  • Interaction between health care and social care

Monitoring health care and health care providers

  • Ethics in insurance medicine
  • Impact of changing legislation

Actual themes as :

  • Demographic and social changes

Aging population, people with disabilities; migration, e.g. environmental, climate, work, economic migration

  • Information technology and robotics in insurance medicine

E-health, robotics, big data

  • Changing profile of the insurance medicine provider

The impact and extent of multidisciplinary approach in work capacity evaluation

  • Common features of social insurance medicine in different European regions
  • Social insurance medicine after Covid-19 pandemic

Post-acute Covid syndrome-PACS; Long Covid : consequences for the medical advisor in monitoring & compensation; Collateral damage : Covid-19 impact on other patients due to poor medical care

Target groups

Insurance physicians, medical advisors and researchers are the main target group. Other professionals involved in the field of insurance medicine, social security issues and the return-to-work-process are also welcome, such as psychologists, case- managers, ICT-experts, lawyers, ...


Registration will start in March 2023. Discounts will be available for early birds. Details will be communicated as soon as possible.


The plenary sessions are held in English, but a translation into French is provided. Specific parallel sessions will be held in French.

Abstract submission

Participants will be encouraged to actively participate in the congress sessions, but it is important that especially by submitting abstracts these discussions can also take place in the parallel sessions. It is therefore our pleasure to invite you to submit an abstract for oral or poster presentation, or for topical seminars. We strongly support the initiative for topical seminars and mini-symposia.

Abstracts can be submitted from 1st September until 1st December 2022 through our website.