Brief information for the moderators

We have prepared some useful information that will help you accomplish this task:  


Before the session starts

  • On screen is projection of slide with room, title of session and presenters (on EUMASS USB STICK for moderators)
  • Welcome all speakers personally before the session starts and introduce yourself to them
  • Be sure to learn how to pronounce their names
  • Make sure that the speaker feels comfortable (ask if he/she needs support in time management).
    A HOSTESS will be present at each session for technical support for the presentations, but familiarize yourself also with the use of the laptop computer
  • Each presenter has to give his EUMASS USB STICK with his/presentation


 During the session

  • Introduce the speakers in 4 to 6 sentences and identify their branch and the title of their talk.
  • Very important: you are responsible that the time frame is kept!
  • You are responsible for facilitating the discussions.
    Make sure that all persons can ask their questions, dare to end the discussion if necessary, ...
    If needed, repeat or reformulate the question (translating if possible).
    Try to prepare some questions to start the discussion (or ask the presenters some possible questions to elaborate his presentation)
  • Thank the speaker for his presentation and pass to the next speaker.
  • We recommend that you ask the questions as you go, rather than grouping them together at the end (the memory is fresh, the slideshow is in progress, and the author can be freed up if he or she has constraints elsewhere).



  • The hostess will fill in the first part of the session report (begin and ending hours, participants).
  • If you wish to share some thoughts, ideas or comments, you can do so in the comments field
  • We ask for your help in the assessment of the hostesses of the TUNON school, for which our conference is an internship activity.
  • The report should be returned to the review desk

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