Speaker information


We ask you to present yourself at the PREVIEW DESK (opposite the Hemicycle, the main plenary room) with your USB key containing your presentation. You will be able to read it on the laptops that will be used to project your presentation. This allows you to check that your presentation is running as planned. You will be given a new USB key with your validated presentation on it, which you will hand over to the host of the plenary session or of the parallel session.

We highly recommend that you bring an additional copy of your presentation on a USB stick or an external drive, even if it has already been saved to your own laptop. If possible, please test your presentation on a PC (with the 2013 version of PowerPoint) before the Congress and check to see if the file can open from another computer after making a copy of it.


Format of your presentation

Your presentation must be in POWERPOINT 16/9 LANDSCAPE format (*.ppt or *.pptx), Please save your presentation on a USB stick or an external drive.
PDF format is not authorized. Please note that the application used on-site is not compatible with Keynote, Open Office or Prezi. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid using any of these software programs when preparing your presentation.

If you are using Macintosh:

  • If you have prepared your lecture in Mac PowerPoint format, please be aware it will be broadcasted from a PC. We highly recommend that you test your presentation in a Windows system beforehand
  • In order to avoid any PC and Mac compatibility issues, we strongly recommend that you only use fonts that are common to both system (Arial, Courier, Courier New, Geneva, Georgia, Helvetica, Times, Times New Roman).
  • Please make sure you bring all of your original files with you (pictures, videos).

If your presentation uses digital video file:

  • The videos will not be directly projected in the room and must be included in your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Videos must be in the following formats: .wmv, .mov, .avi, .mp4, .mpeg, .mpg
  • Please make sure the video files are saved in the same folder as your PowerPoint presentation and, if necessary, correct the link to the video (see example below):
    • – my_file.ppt
    • -- movie_1.avi
    • -- movie_2.avi



All accepted abstracts will be published on the EUMASS Website. Ensure careful proof-reading of your submission.
Before submitting your abstract, you authorise the organising committee to publish your abstract.



The acceptance of an abstract does not mean free-of-charge participation. Registration, travel and accommodation will remain at the charge of abstract presenters.

For any questions about your registration, please contact our registration department: inscription-eumass@europa- organisation.com


Acceptance, amendments, and notification of abstracts

Submissions were evaluated on their originality, clarity, scientific quality and their level of relevance to the key topics of EUMASS 2023.

At the time of submission, you were asked to indicate a preference for oral or poster presentation. However, the final decision on the type of presentation offered is made by the Scientific Committee.

Accepted abstracts will be published on the conference website, providing the registration to the congress of the presenter.
Amendments of the abstracts are possible as summarized above.

But note that: Your modification after notification acceptance will not be considered by the scientific committee and will take place in the abstract book on your own responsability.